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The CG Pro Prints Sponsorship Program is designed to support professional photographers (and clients of CG Pro Prints!) who offer workshops, mentoring, and/or events, or are involved with a photography organization that offers education to their members or local community. As an event sponsor we can offer discounts and giveaways for your attendees to enjoy, as well as product catalogs and samples to help them learn more about our products and services. To learn more about the types of events we sponsor, please check out a list of all of our upcoming sponsorships below.

If you'd like us to consider your event for sponsorship, please complete and submit the following form. All requests must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the event. Please allow us 7-10 business days to review and respond to your application. We look forward to working with you!

Upcoming 2019 Sponsorships



The Caroline Logan Workshop with Caroline Logan 

Lancaster, DC | May 5-6, 2019

The Caroline Logan Workshop is a two day, content packed event where Caroline takes an inside look at every aspect of her photography business. Her mission is that in sharing her journey, each bump in the road, triumph, and lesson learned; it would equip you and fast forward your own business growth. That you'd walk away buzzing with ideas and excitement for what's next... but also the practical steps to get there. But more than anything, you'd find a core heartbeat for your business rooted in who you are. 
This workshop is for photographers of all ages and experience levels. Although applicable to photographers of any specialization, this workshop is best suited for wedding photographers one to three years into business. During your time together, you will cover both the technical business side, as well as the overall client experience. Topics include: branding, social media marketing, curating your work & blogging, office workflows, attracting your ideal client, creating a remarkable client experience, developing your style, posing & making your clients feel comfortable, shooting in natural lighting, styling details, and finally, culling & editing.

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2019 Waves of Inspiration Conference with Erica Harvey

Ocean Shores, WA | April 26-29 2019

Lake Clack National Park: Experience of a Lifetime
Join Erica Lane Harvey as she recalls her most epic adventure to date, where she spent six days in the company of Brown Bears along the coast of Lake Clark National Park in Alaska. Have you ever been so close to a Brown Bear that you can see rain drops on it's fur with your naked eye? If so, most would say you are too close... but what if I told you it's possible to be that close to a bear in the wild, and not be attacked? What if there was a place so remote and so detached from normal human life that we are not considered a threat by the bears? Instead we are simply “deer” walking in the meadow. There exists a place where food is so abundant the bears live close to humans all summer long without conflict, and the only shooting is done with the click of a shutter. 
Selling your Work:
In addition to navigating the natural world to capture Mother Nature’s most precious moments, Erica also explores the often hard to understand world of selling your artwork. During the last hour of the program, Erica will touch on how she currently finds ways to get her works into the public eye so that she can make a living off her passion and hopefully inspire others to save our planet.

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Wild At Heart Workshop with Jasmin Jade and Jessica Rae

Yucca Valley, CA | April 27-29, 2019

The Wild at Heart Workshop in Yucca Valley is a two-day intimate Boudoir Workshop with Jasmin and Jessica.
The Workshop is open to five attendees only. It's packed with styled shoots and portfolio building Boudoir Sessions. 
Attendees receive one on one education in posing, light and boudoir specific editing.  This Workshop is applicable for Boudoir Photographers or inspiring to be.