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About Taylor

Taylor Varnau is a landscape photographer based out of Bakersfield, CA. Born and raised in Colorado, he was born with a connection with the outdoors. Climbing his first fourteener at just two months old on his fathers back, a childhood of backpacking and skiing has given him a deep respect for the earth we live on. Finding a passion in photography just five years ago has allowed him to continue enjoying the outdoors in Southern California. 

Taylor served a four year term in the military straight out of high school. Stationed in Las Vegas, he met his soon to be wife and made the move to California. Now a construction worker by day, he utilizes his time after work to hit the beach or downtown Los Angeles to do what he really loves. Capturing the movement of water, clouds stirring throughout the sky, or the ceaseless nightlife of the city. 

Residing in the center of California, you can get anywhere in a matter of hours. An hour and a half from the monumental trees in Sequoia National Park, four from the massive granite formations in Yosemite, and just three from the intimidating seaside cliffs of Big Sur, he's sure to have enough to explore for years to come.




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