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About Russell

If you've read any Texas-based magazines over the past twenty five years chances are you've seen some of Russell's photos or read some of his words. Since 1989, he's been traveling the state telling authentic Texas stories with his camera and his words - both written and spoken.

A graduate of Dodd City High School and East Texas State University, Russell was an AG science teacher in Childress, Texas for 16 years where he was named Texas Agriscience Teacher of the Year on three occasions.

After leaving that career in 2009, he continued to photograph, write, and speak about his experiences and the people he meets. In 2010, he began delving into television production. His first documentary film, Bois d'Arc Goodbye was filmed entirely in Fannin County and chronicled he and his brother Bubba's canoe journey as they traversed the creek before a lake forever changes the landscape. The film aired three times to a prime-time, national audience.

Recently he's worked with such celebrities as the Robertson Family from Duck Dynasty television show, T. Boone Pickens, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Pat Green, and Tracy Lawrence, but he insists that regular people are his favorite subjects.

Russel is the founder of Redlands Ranch – a wildlife Photographers dream adventure– located in the Texas Rolling Plains North of Childress, Texas.  This is a ranch that photographers can book and stay at to explore the land to get  unique shots of native plants, wild-life, and beautiful skies away from city light pollution. He has taken special care of the land with feeding and watering locations to attract wild animals and birds such as: coyotes, bobcats, whitetail deer, cottontails, and reptiles such as the Texas horned lizard, spotted whiptails, and the occasional western diamondback rattlesnake.  To learn more about Redlands ranch, click here

Currently, Russell lives in the country north of Childress, Texas with his wife Kristy and their two children Bailee and Ryan but still manages to spend a considerable amount of time near his boyhood home north of Dodd City.




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