Christa Rene Robinson

Christa Rene Photography | Greenville, SC

Wedding and Engagement Photography



About Christa

Christa began her business when she was 18-years-old as a freshman in college.
She graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in business and a minor in photography, and launched right into wedding photography full-time! She’s photographed weddings nationally from Northern Ohio to St. Augustine, Florida, and specializes in serving the southern, classic bride! Some of her favorite wedding spots include Greenville and Charleston, South Carolina!

She’s passionate not just about photographing weddings, but educating other photographers to grow in their skill and business so they can also successfully chase their dream! She offers a variety of educational materials for photographers, and strives to inspire young entrepreneurs. You can find more of her educational content and resources here.

Aside from photographing weddings, Christa spends her time with family, her fiancé Edward, and can often be found in the Chick-fil-A drive thru! She loves anything southern and preppy, and quiet mornings with a cup of coffee fuel her day! She’s an extrovert, so you’ll be sure to get a hug if you meet her!



I love sending canvases to each of my wedding clients after their wedding day! The quality is extremely high, and the price is very affordable! I can’t find any other company with this high-level of quality at such an affordable price, and my clients love hanging their beautiful canvas on their walls when they get back from their honeymoon! I can’t wait to cover my walls with more of their canvases!

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