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About Chad

You know those moments - when you're sitting under a sunset that seems to fill the sky to infinity? Maybe it's in a field, maybe near the water, perhaps you're surrounded by laughter and friends - or possibly it's on the edge of a rock overlooking a stretch of Africa you had only previously thought about in dreams and movies. These are the moments that seem to live forever in my mind. The camera has allowed me to capture some of these fleeting seconds in my own life - the pieces that make me feel MOST alive.

These moments make me happy to be breathing in the air that fills my lungs and eternally thankful for eyes to see and ears to hear the life in that moment. It has been my intense desire to bring these moments into existence forever with the ability to press pause and repeat over and over on these micro-moments in my client's lives. Romantic, funny, epic, sun-soaked, almost dreamy moments that happen all around them in the weddings, portraits and commercial work we pursue together. Whether I am photographing a senior and thinking about all the amazing times to come in the life they see ahead of them, or working on a commercial shoot and trying to capture THEIR vision and passion for life and their products, these are the ideas and adjectives (along with a love for fashion and editorial style!) that drive my photography style and life in general. 

I am blessed to call five kids "mine" and to be accompanied in this adventure with a beautiful wife of seven years that I have known since I was five-years-old! I love repurposing old "junk" into new treasures, riding motorcycles and working on projects of every various shape and size from sewing to construction.



There are a few vendors I have worked with throughout my carrer that have REALLY stood out, not only with quality and customer care, but in reliability and beautiful leadership as well. CG Pro Prints has been one of these vendors. They stand behind every piece they produce and have, from the very beginning, ALWAYS attended to my concerns as well as incorporated feedback myself and other educators/entrepreneurs have offered! They are one of the reasons we put SO much product and lifetime memories into our client's homes and are able to also provide a very viable business for our family. Having canvas that doesn't droop or warp in a humid and hot/cold environment as well as colors that are spot-on and consistent puts my OCD business brain to rest as well!

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