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About Carrie

Carrie Swails is a wedding photographer and owner of FEMINIST Disrupted and
Rock Your Weird. She has been photographing nerdy, costumed, offbeat weddings and speaking and educating creatives and photographers for close to a decade.

Her site, Photography Awesomesauce, has helped over 8 million readers get help with their photography business. Her business Rock Your Weird has helped hundreds of women find self-compassion. She even pretends to be the world’s greatest graphic designer over at her company Made in the Lab, where her business partners create web design templates for creatives, and she rocks out the marketing side of things. 

Carrie is based in Colorado and is a huge advocate for racial and LGBTQ diversity in the wedding industry. She loves photographing any weddings that are out of the ordinary. When she took her wedding photography business full time and started Photography Awesomesauce it led her to many opportunities to help and educate other creatives. Her business advice and photography have been featured in places like the Bokeh Podcast, The Art of Six Figures, Entrepreneur.com, Offbeat Bride, and countless others.

Carrie has a husband with a world famous guacamole recipe, too many dogs and is a lifetime Tolkien nerd. She believes wine is like the force; it has a light side and a dark side and holds the universe together. She’s also a keen lover of unicorns, second breakfast and Michelle Obama’s arms.”



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